For the miracle, see Wrath of the Gods (Dark Souls III).
For other uses, see Wrath of the Gods (disambiguation).

Wrath of the Gods is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Thrust weapon into earth to emit powerful shockwave. The wrath of those swallowed by the Abyss is a thing to be wary of indeed.


When performed, the user holds the sword in both hands, hilt facing up, and thrusts it into the ground, damaging and knocking down any enemy close enough to be hit by the blade. Once the sword is in the ground, the user gains poise and will not stagger. Roughly two seconds later, an area-of-effect is unleashed, dealing physical damage to any enemies close to the user. This skill requires 30 FP to be performed (23 FP when the Farron Ring is equipped).


Single playerEdit

This skill is effective for clearing mobs, assuming the user has enough time to thrust the weapon into the ground, thus preventing staggers.

Online gameplayEdit

Due to its very slow startup, this skill is easy to both dodge and punish. Not recommended for PvP unless used as a sneak attack.



  • This skill is not affected by Miracle-boosting equipment.
  • This skill deals more damage with its area-of-effect than Morne's Rage.
  • The miracle of the same name deals less damage than this skill.
  • The initial downward thrust can be parried.