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Wretches are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Disturbing creatures that resemble a twisted hybrid of human and dragon, Wretches appear to be failed experiments that have been left to rot in the dungeons beneath Irithyll. Their agonizing shrieks echo through the walls.


Irithyll Dungeon


Wretches are weak enemies and often won't attack the player unless they get too close. However, despite their lethargic appearance, their attacks can be quite damaging and they will not hesitate to strike if the player gets too close. They can also spit a corrosive acid that degrades equipment very quickly. As they are classed as a dragon type enemy, they are vulnerable to lightning damage.


Item Pale Pine Resin
Pale Pine Resin
Tailbone Short Sword
Tailbone Short Sword
Tailbone Spear
Tailbone Spear
Drop Rate ??? ??? ???


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