Writhing Rotten Flesh, also known as Smouldering Rotten Flesh and Rotten Flesh of Aldrich, are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Writhing Rotten Flesh are masses of blood and bone that are identical in appearance and behavior to the Slimes of Dark Souls. There are several versions encountered, the ones in the Smouldering Lake are known as Smouldering Rotten Flesh and the ones in Anor Londo are dubbed Rotten Flesh of Aldrich.



All variants of Rotten Flesh are only a threat at close range and their attacks are easy to block or evade. They have very high resistance to Physical damage but are very vulnerable to Fire, which can be used to eliminate them very quickly. It is recommended to allow multiple Flesh to be in close proximity so they are all affected by the damage. The Smouldering Rotten Flesh have greater Fire resistance but are vulnerable to Magic and Dark damage.

Rotten Flesh often hide on the ceiling and will drop when the player is underneath them. If they land on the player, they will use a damaging grab attack; however, the damage can be reduced by rapidly pressing the attack and block commands. Ranged weapons can be used to force them down from the ceiling.


Item Titanite Shard (DSIII)
Titanite Shard
Drop Rate ???