The Yellow Quartz Shield is a medium shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A small shield affixed with a yellow quartz.
This shield was found in the Iron Keep. Breaks easily due to corrosion, but is light and still very stable.
In the Old Iron King's great iron keep was a vast collection of weapons, erected as a display of strength to the world. But they were lost when the king's conceit doomed the castle to sink into a lake of fire.


Sold by Chancellor Wellager for 8,000 souls, after defeating the Looking Glass Knight. However, if the player purchased either the Black Armor or Collector's Edition of Dark Souls II, both this and the Yellow Quartz Longsword will be given to the player immediately after character creation.


  • While the pre-order version can not be dropped the version bought from Wellager can thus allowing it to be traded.

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