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"Somehow, I've failed to die as was ordained. Well, perhaps my calling lies elsewhere."
— Yoel of Londor

Yoel of Londor is a character and merchant in Dark Souls III.


He is first encountered near the Foot of the High Wall bonfire in the Undead Settlement. From there, he moves to his final location in Firelink Shrine. He can be found in the basement, at the end of the corridor on the west wing.


Yoel is first encountered near the beginning of the Undead Settlement, at the edge of a crumbled bridge. The only survivor among many other less fortunate pilgrims like him, he seems enlightened to be in the presence of the Champion of Ash and asks if he could be allowed to be at their service. Agreeing to his plead will make him move to the Firelink Shrine. There, he can be found on the lowermost level, at the end of the right corridor, where he will sell diverse sorceries to the player.

He will also allow the player to level up for every Dark Sigil exchanged with him.


Available Item Cost
1 Soul Arrow 1,000
1 Heavy Soul Arrow 2,000
1 Soul Greatsword 5,000
1 Magic Weapon 4,500
1 Magic Shield 4,500


Item Hollow's Ashes
Hollow's Ashes
Drop Rate Guaranteed

Dialogue Edit

Introduction "Please, grant me death, Undo my shackles. Ohh… Ohh, then it’s true… A Champion of Ash, as I live and breathe. To be in your presence is a great honour. I am Yoel of Londor, a pilgrim as you can see, only…Somehow, I've failed to die as was ordained. Well, perhaps my calling lies elsewhere. Say, Champion of Ash, how does the idea of taking me into your service strike you? I was once a sorcerer. Surely I can be of use."
Choosing "Accept" "Ohh. I am honoured, truly. I should be dead, yet you have granted me purpose anew. I Yoel of Londor, do solemnly swear myself to you." 
Choosing "Decline" "Ahh, mm, yes, of course. An accursed pilgrim has no place in your honourable service. But if a lost soul should encounter a legend such as you, could that be anything but a movement of fate? I will remain in this spot. Praying solemnly that you might have a change of heart."
Talk "Ahh, Champion of Ash. Have you had a change of heart? I beg of you, take me into your service."
Encounter at Firelink Shrine "Oh, our Champion of Ash, welcome home. This pilgrim, with a debt in death, hardly deserves to behold this divine flame. And I never would have, had you not taken me into your service. I thank you dearly for this... And assure you of my leal service."
Talk "As I have said, I was once a sorcerer. Alas, the magic of Londor is a far cry from the wonders of Vinheim. But I can teach you what I know. Perhaps more importantly... I believe that I can help tease out your true strength. We pilgrims of Londor are keenly aware. That those branded by the Darksign possess something quite special..."
Greeting "Oh, our Champion of Ash, welcome back. I would do anything for my master, just say the word."
"Draw out True Strength" "Then, shall we begin? Bearer of the Darksign, let your true strength shine..."
After obtaining 5 Dark Sigils "Ahh, you have attained ample strength. All will soon be clear, my good Lord..."
Upon Leaving "Be safe, Champion of Ash."
Upon leaving, after obtaining 5 Sigils "Be safe, our Lord..."
Killing him at the Undead Settlement "What's come over you!"

"Killing Undead for sport, accursed champion?"

Killing him before obtaining 5 Dark Sigils "What do you intend?"  '"Lady Yuria..."
Killing him after obtaining 5 Dark Sigils "Ahh, I thank you kindly... Our kindest Lord..."


  • Exhausting his dialogue in Firelink Shrine grants the "Beckon" gesture.
  • Upon reaching the Catacombs of Carthus, Yoel will die and his services will not be available anymore, even if the player did not choose to level up with him.
    • His questline will then become impossible to complete, in consequence, the player will be unable to meet Yuria further into the game.
    • Before setting foot into the catacombs, the player may opt to complete other areas and level up as much as possible, then start leveling up with Yoel in order to make the levels he gives have the highest value in souls possible.
    • Yoel dies exactly the moment the "Catacombs of Carthus" banner appears on the screen, so it is perfectly safe to fight the Abyss Watchers beforehand and use the bonfire that appears after the battle, as long as the player does not descend the staircase that opens in that room.


Dark Souls III First Flame (3) - Bell Tower & Yoel's Questline10:34

Dark Souls III First Flame (3) - Bell Tower & Yoel's Questline

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