For the Dark Souls II equivalent, see Silver Talisman.

Young White Branches are items in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A young white branch.
Use to transform into something that blends in to the surroundings.
Little Dusk's first sorcerer's staff eventually became a seedling, and then three white birch saplings. The young branch is said to still contain echoes of little Dusk's capriciousness.

In-Game Description

Branch of a young white birch, perhaps an offering of peace.
Use to become something that blends in to the surroundings, though the branch will unfortunately be consumed.
Perhaps treasuring the memory is more important.

In-Game Description

Branch of a white birch received from a giant, apparently as a token of friendship.
Become something that blends in to the surroundings. Consumed with use.
"Good friend, no hit."



Allows the player to transform into an object that suits their current environment and blend with it, much like the Chameleon sorcery.


  • Branches received from the giant archer have a different description than those found in other areas. Furthermore, both types are stored in different slots within the player's inventory.
  • Both the branch received from the giant archer and the burial gift are unique and will make the giant fire at enemies instead of the player. Losing either branch will nullify this effect and the player must return to speak to the giant in order to get another branch.


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